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Paul Guarino

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PG Sports was formed one night in the summer of 2011 by Paul Guarino.

Paul's love for sports is indescribable, so he decided to make a twitter page

(@PGSports) dedicated to sports (updating people on the latest sports news).

He wants to eventually make PG Sports a sports agency. With the help of his

friends and family he has made PG Sports Tees (from Vio's in West Haven, CT),

stickers, pens, ect.  

    In early 2012 PG Sports Logo was redesigned by Corey Jeppesen. On March

28, he released the first T-Shirt of 2012, the Everywhere & Anywhere tee. 

Growing the brand through social media, he made more products such as hats,

hoodies, and polos. PG Sports’ most successful venture was this fall’s release of

a breast cancer awareness shirt, a long-sleeved black tee featuring a white and

pink design. A promise that 20 percent of proceeds would be donated to Susan

G. Komen for the Cure.  

    Some who have worn the brand include Cincinnati Reds second baseman Brandon

Phillips, former New York Yankees second baseman Chuck Knoblauch, Redskins LB

Rob Jackson and to Brooklyn Nets guard MarShon Brooks and center Brook Lopez. 

    Paul (PG) is currently in college at Sacred Heart University pursuing a Bachelor

of Science degree for Sport Management and Marketing.



June 24 - Created PG Sports Twitter/Facebook page

July - Started working on T-Shirts

August 4 to 16 - First set of T-Shirts were made

September 22 - Chuck Knoblauch wears PG Sports

October - First set of business cards

December 16-  Won ESPN SportsNation Fanalyst (Week 14) Who is the most exciting player in the NFL? Marshawn Lynch : Beast Mode


January - While searching for a Marshawn Lynch Beast Mode shirt I came across Corey Jeppesen at Seejepp

Feb 5 - Called the correct Super Bowl score winning a Beast Mode shirt from cjepp (now Seejepp).

Feb 8 - Rebranding of PG Sports began

Feb 21 - Rebranding complete new logo, t-shirts, business cards, and layouts

March 28 - New Everywhere & Anywhere T-shirt arrived

April 22 - First snapbacks were made

May 10 - PG Sports gear in 10 states

June 24 - 1 Year Anniversary

June 25 - Website Launched 

July - PG Sports gear in 13 states

July 27 - Jay Jackson wears shirt to his fight (MMA)

August 11 - Artillery show to promote the brand

Sept 10 - MMA fighter Anthony Birchak wears a snapback

Sept 21 - Brandon Phillips tweets a picture wearing a snapback

Oct 6 - Redesigned the website

Oct 19 - Breast Cancer Awareness Tees arrived 

Oct 25 - Washington Redskins Rob Jackson shares a picture wearing a shirt

Oct 26 - Brooklyn Nets Brook Lopez and MarShon Brooks  shares a picture wearing snapbacks

Oct 27 - Donated 250$ Susan G Komen for the Cure from the Beast Cancer Awareness Tees

Nov 16 - Beanies arrive

Nov 25 - Article on Sacred Heart University's website

Dec 13 - Sacred Heart University's Article published in the West Haven Voice (Local Newspaper)

Dec 15 - Tyson Gillies (in Philadelphia Phillies Organization) shares a picture wearing a beanie

Dec 18 - Interviewed on Beyond the Game Sports radio show aired in Seattle, Washington

Dec 19 - PG Sports gear is in 20 States

Dec 23 - PG Sports website redesigned & relaunched by Seejepp

Dec 23 - PG Sports gear in 26 states! a little more than halfway there!